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Our Bichons have debunked the myth that Bichon Frise are “pretty house dogs” – pretty they may be, but they are also a very hardy breed that excels in performance events and doesn’t mind getting down and dirty once in a while!

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What's New? __________________________________________________________________________________

A lot has changed at Bella!    We are now settled in Phoenix, AZ and have been busy finishing new Champions and making litter plans!  Please contact us for more information!

Bella Photos __________________________________________________________________________________






Doing the Zelle Belly Dance!

"No!  Pick me!"

The boys of Bella.


"The Upper Deck"


"I'm going to be a dad.  I better rest now!"

Baby Charley - do you think this is a big enough
chewy for a teething puppy?

A well groomed Bichon!  Handsome Charley!

"What?  He asked me to beat him up!"

It's been a long day!

Bella Videos __________________________________________________________________________________


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